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Text Ex Girlfriend – How to Do It to Get A Response

by Karina Sinclair on May 8, 2012

Do you want to text ex-girlfriend?   You may be wondering if texting your ex is something you should do. Texting can actually be a great way to open up the communication channels. Here are some tips to apply when sending your text messages.

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Text Ex-Girlfriend -Avoid Anger

The first point you should keep in mind is to avoid any type of anger in your messages. You might think this will get some type of response out of her but all it’s going to do is drive her further away. What you want to do is send calm, meaningful message to her not rant on and on when you text. It’s easy to be angry when you first break up but you need to rein the anger in and send messages that don’t have this tone. If she responds with anger herself you still need to keep a calm tone. Anger will only lead to the complete breakup of the two of you with absolutely no chance that you’ll ever get back together again.

Tell her you’re Sorry

Once you have established communication you need to tell her that you’re sorry for the breakup. If you caused it make sure you say that you want to work things out and that you have learned from your mistake. Admitting you’re wrong is a great positive step. If she caused it you can say that you want to work out your differences and that you are able to listen to her. Women want communication above anything else and the more positive you can be, the easier the relationship can mend. Saying you’re sorry really does go a long way. Don’t play the blame game because that will backfire and it end up in an argument. If it’s not your fault just say you’re sorry and open up the communication for healing to begin.

Don’t Text Constantly

Don’t text ex-girlfriend constantly. What you want to do is send one or two brief messages at first. If you keep sending messages this won’t get a response from her and she’s likely to tune you out completely in this case. Send a few brief messages and indicate that you’re sorry and you want to ca

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